10 Tips for Opening an Engaging Online Lesson

An engaging online class begins from the moment your students  join in. Set the stage for interactivity right from the start!

1. Begin early. Invite students to join the session 10 minutes early so that they are ready to begin at the start time and in order to resolve any technical issues.

2. Say “hi (name)!” Greet each student by name when they join in to make them immediately feel welcome.

3. Engage students upon connection. Engage students with an activity, such as a poll question, as soon as they connect.

4. Display the logistics. Post a rolling slide show to inform students about
‘housekeeping rules’ so that you don’t need to spend time reviewing logistics
at the start.

5. Tell them about the tools. Help students get comfortable with the platform tools one at a time by inviting them to click and type on screen.

6. Play music. Play upbeat music to set an engaging tone.

7. Show your face. Turn on your webcam to say “Hello” and invite students to do the same, even if you don’t plan to use it throughout the lesson.

8. Clarify what’s ahead. Set expectations by letting students know that this will be an interactive session.

9. Remove diversions. Ask students to remove surrounding distractions in their work space and to let you know once they have done this step.

10. Chat early. Invite students to connect with each other via the chat feature, to form relationships, and to help them realize they are in a virtual “room” with others.

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